Step 1. Schedule a Call

Before committing your time or ours, this 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t see a Podiatrist if you needed heart surgery. If we aren’t a good fit for each other, we will gladly introduce you to a firm that is better suited to your needs. Schedule your no cost consultation here!
Like a doctor, its important to diagnose before we prescribe. The next step is meeting with our team (in office or via Zoom). During this one-hour meeting, our team will get crystal clear on your financial goals, needs, and concerns. Before this meeting, we will request a few important documents. This data will drive our analysis and result in answers.

Step 2. First Office Meeting


Step 3. Our Analysis

This is where the magic happens. We will apply decades of experience, thousands of hours of training and mentoring by the industry’s top experts to answer the following questions:
There is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. During this meeting we will explain, in plain English, exactly what you need to do to achieve your financial goals, including the answers to the four questions we asked during out analysis. This is where you will see, in dollars and cents, how our firm can improve your finances. At the end of this meeting we will ask if you would like to begin working with our firm or if you would like to sleep on it.

Step 4. Second Office Meeting


Step 5. Third Office Meeting

During this meeting we will answer any questions you have and if you are ready, start the paperwork to become a client. Prior to this meeting we will have sent you a detailed explanation of this process and answered all your questions and concerns. As a fiduciary, our job is to make investment decisions that are in your best interest. This means ignoring the daily headlines and sticking with evidence-based solutions. We also stay up to date with the ever-changing tax laws to ensure you are taking advantage of every opportunity.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a 15 minute consultation with us where we can get to know
you and your needs and how we can help you Get There On Purpose.

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